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Email marketing is one of the oldest and most trusted methods of Internet marketing. For a promotional email campaign to be successful, the design of the email must satisfy four criteria. They are...


Your email needs to be eye catching. It will be competing with other emails from other businesses and needs to draw attention to your message. This is done with ingenious design.


Your email needs to be easy to read and easy to use. Links need to be easy to follow and land on the correct page. Calls to action are needed to make it clear to the reader and entice them to click.


The design of your email must be cohesive with your business identity and all other Internet marketing activities. Consistency between the email design and website layout is neccassary so the recipient of the email makes an instant association between the email in front of them and your business.


There must be a benefit to reading your email. This mostly depends on the content of your email, but if the benefits are hidden behind poor design, the recipient gets no value from hearing from you.

Operational emails, such as those used for account sign ups and order confirmations are an integral part of your communication strategy. These emails need to reflect your business identity as well as serving a practical purpose.

Why Let Ingenious Manage My Email Design

Ingenious email designs are converted into HTML. We test all emails to ensure they will be viewed correctly through all email clients and service providers. We also send rich and plain text copies in case images cannot be displayed.

Ingenious understands how to convey your business message via email. We combine creative flair and technical skills to build an effective email design that will produce results.

Combined with our email marketing skills Ingenious can offer your business a comprehensive, managed email campaign.

If you really want a winning email marketing campaign, you need Ingenious design. Get in touch to find out how Ingenious can make your email stand out in the crowd and generate increased awareness of your business.

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