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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a method of online marketing where your business utilises the marketing efforts of other websites (affiliates) in order to drive traffic to your site. The concept of Affiliate Marketing is that you pay your affiliates only when they deliver you business. Affiliate Marketing allows high traffic websites to list your business on their site, referring customers to your site. Affiliate Marketing campaigns are paid for on a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) basis, meaning you only pay for business generated. There are numerous types of Affiliate Marketing websites - including cash back affiliates, voucher code affiliates, content affiliates and price comparison affiliates.

Affiliate marketing is not just for e-commerce websites. Some web site owners pay out when people register on their site, fill out contact forms, or get accepted for a product or service.

Affiliate marketers have excellent knowledge of how to market businesses, products, and services online.

How Does it Benefit My Business?

Affiliate Marketing works for businesses of any size, from start up companies to large multi-national organisations. It is an excellent way of enhancing the online presence of your business as well as driving traffic and customers to your site. There is absolutely no risk associated with Affiliate Marketing campaigns because you pay on a CPA basis.

By knowing your own margins, you are in complete control of what you will be earning per unit sold. This is because you only pay your affiliates when you make a sale. One of the main benefits of Affiliate Marketing is that you pay when a customer has come through an affiliate link. Any repeated business, not coming through an affiliate link, is already paid for by you. There is zero waste of investment or resource, you only pay when the campaign brings you business.

Why Let Ingenious Manage my Affiliate Marketing Campaign?

We have an acute and sophisticated understanding of the Affiliate Marketing business. We work with the best affiliate networks. We will manage your Affiliate Marketing campaign - finding the right affiliates for your business at the right price - taking all of the hassle of monitoring off your hands. We will help create the programme ensuring the terms and conditions of the programme are met. We will advise you on setting up your own commission structure in order to generate a good return on investment. You will be provided with regular reports on the success of your campaign and we will suggest adjustments to maximise profit for your business.

If you would like to improve your overall online presence, drive extra traffic to your site, and only pay out on guaranteed business by starting an affiliate programme, then please fill out the contact form below and a member of the Ingenious affiliate team will get back to you.

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