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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is comprised of processes which increase your site's position within natural search engine results. There are two elements to search engine optimisation. Firstly, website structure and content are addressed, then PageRank™ is increased through link building.

Your website's structure will be optimised so that search engines can crawl and index pages easily resulting in ranking as high as possible for searches related to your business area.

How Does SEO Benefit My Business?

Search engine optimisation is a natural process that over a period of time, ensures that your website is ranked highly.

PageRank™ is Google's measure of each individual web page's importance based on the number and quality of links pointing to it. A search engine friendly website structure combined with a high PageRank™ will result in more relevant traffic being driven to your site.

When ranking high for relevant searches in search engines your website will benefit from increased traffic and profitability. People who are performing a search are already interested in what services and products you offer, so it makes sense to ensure that your online presence reaches them.

We know the right way to optimise a site according to the size of your site and budget. There is no point in a new site with a small budget aiming to be optimised for the most generic search in their field. For example, if you are a small shoe shop, being ranked in the top page for the search terms "shoes" is unrealistic.

However, being ranked in the top page for more specific search terms such as "Italian leather brogue mens shoes" is achievable and beneficial. A lot of more specific search terms add up, this is known as the long-tail and generally traffic from these terms converts at a much higher rate.

The beauty of search engine optimisation is the high level of trust web users have for the natural positioning of your website. Numerous studies have found ranking high in natural search listings is the most effective way of building a strong brand online. By taking the time to optimise your site, you are giving yourself a head start against the competition.

Because it is a natural process, SEO takes longer to deliver a high position on search engines than PPC search marketing, but the pay-off is substantial. The click through rate (CTR) is generally a lot higher on organic listings than paid search adverts. This traffic doesn't incur a cost every time somebody clicks and visits your website, and is displayed for 100% of the searches, opposed to a PPC advert that is generally constrained by budget and only displayed on a limited number of searches.

Why Let Ingenious Manage My Search Engine Optimisation Campaign

Your search engine optimisation campaign relies on having relevant keywords that deliver traffic. Your site's structure is key to being 'search engine friendly' and we have the technical knowledge to ensure that your site remains optimised.

Ingenious has a team of experienced editors to create the right press release for you that will get picked up by as many online publishers as possible. Link building for SEO can be done using video, widgets and gadgets, and other viral marketing techniques.

Ingenious are passionate about ethical business practices and only offer ethical (whitehat) search engine optimisation techniques. We do not attempt to manipulate search engines by unethical (blackhat) practices. Improving and refining your site with the intention of it attaining consistent success, Ingenious deliver impressive results.

Some website owners, due to inexperience, inadvertently damage their SEO strategy when attempting to optimise their site. We know the correct methods to optimising a website and ensure search engine spiders can crawl your site with ease.

If you want to drive substantially more traffic to your site, boost PageRank™, or just want to know more about the benefits of a search engine optimisation campaign, then get in touch now and a member of the Ingenious team will get back to you.

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